Monday, December 15, 2008

Half Here, Half There

It is the last day of the month.

The perpetrator spares no one.

If only a mortal could perform multiple tasks at the same time, there would no problem then. The round-the-clock store turned off its lights. Then, she fled from street to street in the rhythm of the rain - drowsy, weary and hungry.

The footsteps got slower as it reached the door. Silence reigned as the hide-and-seek commenced. The door opened, the game got exciting.

She let out a sigh of relief before entering the lecture room. This moment, she will not count money. But jot down notes instead.

Dolls dressed elegantly fell on the floor. A picture frame on the desk crashed, the glass broke into pieces as it touched the ground. It was a picture of a happy family without a father.

There she is, waiting for a ride. She kissed the darkness goodbye as she walked towards the halted cab. It was just a couple of minutes.

Screams echoed in every corner of the room as the innocent blood tainted the floor. Innocent angels begged mercy but the monster granted none. As if he was draining all the life remained in their good heart. They uttered their mother’s name as they took their final breath.

She finally got home with her children’s favorite food. Excitedly, she opened the wood-carved door of the apartment. Her world shattered as darkness faded and revealed a horrendous sight.

Then the solemn night turned vile as she struggled for survival.